4 Contemporary SEO Techniques to Adopt in 2019

Are you thinking of two folding your website traffic this upcoming 2019? Then it’s time you hire the best SEO agency Toronto that is well aware of the contemporary SEO techniques.

As you already know, time and SEO and not stand still. With progressing time, the face of Google algorithms is constantly changing. As a consequence SEO has no choice but to adapt to Google’s changing algorithms.

Now, this year, Google is fundamentally focused on enhancing the user experience. Thus, if you’re thinking of using the search engine optimization tricks you used a year back, chances are your website traffic won’t improve.

Thus, check out the 4 latest contemporary SEO moves to implement for better traffic in 2019.
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  1. Local SEO

Recently users are mostly targeting ‘near me’ searches for products and services. Google too, is using data collected from geographical locations to feature near me options to its audience. Thus, for your business to be found, it’s best you ask your SEO agency Toronto to optimize your website for ‘local search.’

For example, say you’re a bookstore in Canada, for best SEO results you can then use keywords like Bookstore Toronto. This will help Google pick out your website and feature it in its SERP the next time your audience enquires a location-based search query.

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  1. Mobile Optimization

Following the pattern of last year, mobile optimization continues to dominate the face of SEO. Ever since Google updated its 2016 algorithms, mobile first indexing became a prime ranking factor for SEO. In layman terms, this means, if the mobile version of your website has fast load time, good user interface and layout, it’ll most likely invite more traffic.

Thus, Google which is focused on user experience will rank the website once it becomes mobile friendly.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

As mentioned the overall better user experience is one of the primary ranking factors when it comes to 2019 SEO. So request your SEO agency Toronto on posting high-quality SEO content which targets the needs of users. Additionally, make sure content is free of errors and easy to read, along with good images and videos to improve bounce rate.

Further, your website needs to have an attractive user interface, good layout to make it appear interesting to users. For best results, try incorporating AI based chatbots for assisting user queries. Websites with chatbots save time and assist users thus making them turn into potential customers.

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  1. Social Media Maximization

If you look through the social media trends and practices of the previous years, the thing to notice is the increment of users. So, social media marketing will intensify with the years to come. This is why it’s vital that your brand has an active social media existence. Ask your selected SEO agency Toronto to post engaging write-ups, images, videos on social media that are share and click-worthy.

For engaging more audience also try the assistance of a social media blogger, or influencer to garner specific niche users for your company.

Well, there you go, with these 5 modern SEO techniques you can double or triple your website traffic. Just ensure that you pick a trusted SEO agency Toronto, who are well versed with the changing SEO techniques and trends. Good luck!

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