WSA is a non-profit association with registered charitable status
Canadian Charitable Registration Number 11878 1087 RR0001

WSA runs in conjunction with Engage Interactive a direct telephone and mail fundraising campaign to help secure ongoing operational funding

About Engage Interactive

Engage Interactive are the one-stop sources for integrated benefit event planning, marketing and production services. With over 450 clients, 30 offices and 3,000 employees, we produce more than 325 events in Canada and the United States every year.

We believe that integrity, innovation and experience matter. And we believe that we should be judged by what we help our clients achieve.

Engage relationship-based, integrated event and direct marketing services incorporate direct mail, teleservices and the Internet/World Wide Web. These are the cornerstones of effective relationship-building with your supporters in a single, affordable package.

Building on many years of profitable direct marketing and special events experience, and comprehensive in-house computer telephony integration and digital media expertise, Engage provides relationship-building events and products, the latest in integrated electronic commerce (e-com) solutions, direct marketing databases, and direct marketing services and systems. Engage provides clients like you with successful, effective events, services and systems that enhance their relationships with individual consumers and businesses.

Through over 20 years of growth, we have become recognized for our professional, innovative approaches, our know-how and unique can-do attitude. The standards we set for ourselves are the highest in the industry—translating into success and satisfaction for our clients.

Engage is structured, staffed and equipped to handle every aspect of your benefit event or donor development program—quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Proven people, techniques and systems translate into exceptionally cost effective and successful campaigns. We focus on producing a winning event every time, putting money in the bank for our clients.

Since 1979, the entrepreneurial spirit has fueled Engage’s progress, driving its success and growth. So, if your event or fund-raising goals seem too great a challenge or too risky, or maybe even impossible, think again. We’ve helped many people and organizations achieve goals they once considered impossible. Chances are we’ll find a way to make that happen for you.

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