Top 6 Things Parents Should Know About Airsoft Guns

Today most kids who enjoy shooting as a hobby or love playing war games demand an airsoft gun from their parents.

There are a host of good airsoft stores in Canada who sell premier quality airsoft guns.

However parents often don’t have a fair idea about these guns and wonder whether it will be absolutely safe to give their child one.

The airsoft guns are replica guns which are absolutely safe. These guns usually propel plastic BBs and are ideally suited for practising target shooting or playing war games.airsoft store in Canada

  1. The airsoft guns date back to the 1980s

The airsoft gun was first invented by Tokyo Mauri in Japan in the 1980s. Mauri invented the first Automatic electric gun (AEG) years after he invented the first airsoft gun. It was modelled on the M16 and was battery operated. It was from then on that these guns became immensely popular.

  1. These guns are very safe

The airsoft guns are very safe to use. These guns propel 6mm to 8mm plastic BBs at a very low velocity of 170 to 550feet per second.

  1. Take adequate safety measures for kids

It’s always a good idea to take adequate safety measures before using these guns. Kids should wear covered clothing and gloves before using the gun. The BBs when fired at a close range can often leave blisters or red spots.

Children should also wear special, fully covered goggles while using these guns. Wearing these goggles protects the eye from any kind of injury. These goggles can be easily purchased from the airsoft stores in Canada where all such accessories are also sold along with the guns.

airsoft canada

  1. Airsoft guns are a replica of real guns

The airsoft guns look so much like a real gun that it is often hard to tell the difference. All good airsoft stores in Canada sell a variety of airsoft guns ranging from the M16, G36, AK47,SCAR and more. They also possess all the features of a real gun, right from zero point triggers and barrels to handles.

  1. Kids can do a host of activities with the airsoft guns

The airsoft guns can be used for indoor and outdoor games and also for target shooting. Whether its the automatic electric gun, the shotgun or the sniper rifle, all of them can be used to practise target shooting and learn various shooting strategies.

Children can also use these guns to play games in indoor and outdoor fields.

The airsoft stores in Canada have all kinds of airsoft guns. You can choose just the right one to suit your needs.

  1. Be aware of all legal aspects

It is very essential to know all the laws regarding the purchase and use of such guns before you decide to invest in one. There are countries, which have banned the use of such guns. Even their use for target shooting is deemed illegal in some places. Hence knowing all the laws regarding their use is of prime importance.


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