Wheelchair Rugby

What’s in the Game?
Wheelchair rugby was introduced as a demonstration sport at the 1996 Summer Paraylmpics in Atlanta and become a full medal event at the 2000 Summer Paralympic Games in Sydney. The game is played on a regulation size basketball court with four players aside. It is a mixed gender sport, where both male and female athletes play on the same teams. The object of the game is for players to score by crossing the opposing team’s goal line while maintaining possession of the ball. This can be accomplished through passing, bouncing, and carrying of the ball. Physical contact between wheelchairs is permitted and forms a major part of the game. The collisions also add a rush of adrenaline and excitement for both players and fans alike.

***If you want to see more on wheelchair rugby check out the documentary, ‘Murderball’ directed by Henry Rubin and Dana Shapiro. It’s about the rivalry between the U.S. and Canada leading up to the 2004 Athens Summer Paralympic Games and was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards in March of 2006***

Click here to see some a YouTube video of a joint Calgary Inferno/Edmonton Steel Wheels practice in Red Deer from spring 2010.
Calgary Inferno Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

Feb 12 – Feb 14, 2016 – Bishop Carroll High School, Calgary

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